New Venture Pitch Assessment

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New Venture Pitch Assessment


This assignment requires you to review any two (at least) new venture pitches from each of the following websites and complete and submit six (6) Investor Pitch Assessment Sheets (two (2) from each website) and answer the two questions detailed below.

  • Website 1: (Links to an external site.)

Website 2: (Links to an external site.)

Website 3: (Links to an external site.)

Question 1:

A sophisticated venture investor is a high net worth individual who is knowledgeable and experienced in weighing the risks and opportunities in a new venture investment proposition. Based upon supporting research and your assessment of the six (6) investor pitches you have chosen to review, in your view, what comprises a great pitch for a sophisticated investor?

Detail what you believe the content should be and recommend an ideal format and/or style of presentation. All supporting research should be cited and referenced.

Question 2:

Is it misguided to assume that a feasibility study for an opportunity is sufficient to prepare an investor pitch? Explain why you consider this perception is correct or incorrect. If you consider a feasibility study is inadequate, what else to you deem is required to be prepared to pitch for investment to a sophisticated investor?

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