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Case Study 2

A 28-year old female presents for a routine physical. She has no complaints. Her personal medical history reveals asthma that is well controlled with an albuterol inhaler prn and Advair 250/50 1 puff BID. Social history reveals she is a nursing student who is a non-smoker, rarely uses alcohol, and is mostly vegetarian. Her physical exam is negative, and she is sent for a CBC/differential and lipid profile. Laboratory results reveal the following: Hemoglobin 10, Hematocrit 30.1, MCV increased.


Post 1 page response APA FORMAT current references. This is a discussion POST NO INTRDUCTION OR CONCLUSION PARAGRAGH ONLY ADDRESS 5 AREAS BELOW

  1. an explanation of the 3 differential diagnosis (FOR MACROCYTIC ANEMIA ) (1.Vitamin B 12  deficiency, 2. folic acid deficiency, or 3. pernicious anemia)  for the patient in the case study above
  2. Describe the role this patient history, physical exam, and lab reports played in thediagnosis.
  3. Finally, explain the pathophysiology of the type of anemia that you diagnosed ( Vitamin B 12  deficiency),
  4. EXPLAIN potential treatment options (FOR Vitamin B 12  deficiency),
  5. Include causes for this type of anemia (FOR  Vitamin B 12  deficiency),
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