Operations Management – Informative Report

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This assignment requires that you write a 2,000 word individual report based on your analysis of the operations management issues raised in ONE of the case studies listed below and make recommendations for improvements to the management systems/approaches used by the case study organisation.

Recommendations should demonstrate understanding of best practice concepts in the academic literature and should provide examples of how organisational policy and practices can be revised to improve efficiency and/or effectiveness of operations.

Case Study Specific Question/ Issues to be addressed

The North County Breast Screening Unit (NCBSU)
(Service Quality Management)

1. Critically evaluate the use of the GAP model approach towards measuring customer satisfaction, explaining the benefits and disadvantages of this as a tool for managers to measure service delivery (Support with relevant theory/research).

2. Assess the quality of the service provided by NCBSU based upon the results of their recent patient satisfaction survey, discussing the quality factors of relevance.

3. Compare and contrast the different perceptions of the service received by the two patient groups and how the three staff members differ in their understanding of the patients’ priorities and perceptions?

4. What recommendations would you make towards improving service quality management in the organisation?

S.T. Weirs Ltd. (Applying Lean Management) 1. Critically discuss the problems which are affecting operations within S.T. Weirs Ltd in relation to planning and control (Support with relevant theory/research).
2. Explain how a JIT (just-in-time) system would simplify business processes for S.T. Weirs Ltd? Critically assess the extent to which the organisation is ready to implement a JIT system?

3. Using examples from the case study explain how the principles and tools of Lean Management could address operational problems and add value for the customer.

4. What recommendations would you make to improve current operations at S.T. Weirs Ltd to ensure that the organisation can satisfy customer expectations?


The Empress Hotel Group
(Service Culture and Quality)
1. Critically discuss service culture and aspects of quality management which can have an impact on service delivery in this type of organisation (Support with relevant theory/research).
2. Evaluate the impact of employees on service delivery, relating to the type of service being delivered by The Empress Hotel.
3. Using examples from the case study explain how might motivation, discretion and empowerment effect service delivery at the Empress hotel. Critically discuss what might be the challenges of moving from a compliant organisation to an adaptive one?
4. What recommendations could you make to improve current operations at The Empress Hotel Group to deliver a higher quality service and to ensure staff can effectively deal with customers in a warmer and more spontaneous manner?

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