PCN-521 Week 2 Rodney Family Case Study

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Week 2 Rodney Family Case Study
Read the following case study and imagine that you are going to conduct a first interview with this family.
Case Study: The Rodney family came to therapy because their son is a rebellious adolescent that is failing the 10th grade. The father has recently been laid off from his job as a distribution manager and the mother has had to return to work for a temporary agency as a receptionist, barely making minimum wage. Two other siblings are in the family, a 12-year-old daughter that is a model child, and a 10-year-old brother.
Write a 250-500 word paper that addresses the following:
1. Discuss how you would build alliance with this family.
2. Develop some hypothesis about the family patterns that you believe are maintaining the problem.
3. Conclude by outlining your expectations for each phase of treatment.

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