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Consider for a moment how privatization may have personally affected you in your community, state, or nation. Think of a service that was once provided by government that is now provided by a private entity. What was the end result? What did you think of the change? As you read this week’s Learning Resources, think about the positive or negative value of privatization of government responsibilities.
For this Discussion, consider the implications of privatization for the quality of the service and accountability of the provider.
Post by Day 3 at least two factors that you consider most prominent in explaining the growing preference for privatization of government responsibilities. Provide your rationale. Then, explain how privatization might diminish the role of the federal, state, or local government in everyday life and why. Explain whether privatization might be an attempt by government to escape accountability and why. Finally, explain the implications of privatization on public policy, particularly in the context of democracy. Provide an example.

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