Professional Community Engagement Plan

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

o What is your chosen community?

o Explain why the community interests you in a professional capacity

o Explain why your chosen community is important, what they offer both the

society and the individual

Community mapping

o Describe the challenges faced by your chosen community and how they arose,

supported by evidence. Deal with each challenge in turn, and try to identify the

root causes that brought those challenges about, whether they be economic or

social in origin. Try to identify at least three challenges.

o Use a range of sources to build this assessment of the context that your

community occupies in society. Some good examples of data sources include,

but are not be limited to:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Australian Bureau of Statistics

National Seniors Australia? Atlas of Productive Ageing

Australia Council for the Arts   Artefacts

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Australian Institute of Criminology

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

A helpful series of links to many sources of national databases are available


Desirable outcomes and goal setting

o Identify at least 3 goals or desirable outcomes for your chosen

community, based on either your own experiences in that community, or

conversations you have had with your peers amongst that community.

For each desirable outcome:

1) Describe what the goal is;

2) Explain how that goal relates to the challenges you identified in your

community mapping;

3) Illustrate the reason for that goal using examples of experiences from your

chosen community

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