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A2. Present written and oral reports to academic and organisational audiences.

Assessment Details
Each student is to submit an essay of about 2000 words. Your essay should be about the topic of “motivation and learning” and should include
• Abstract (150 words)
• Introduction
• A section (no more than 500 words) on what motivation is. You should include a description of motivation, what different sources of motivation exist, why motivation is important and anything else you find relevant.
• A section (no more than 1000 words) on research into motivation as applied to learning. You should find at least four academic papers and provide a literature review. This review should be more than just a summary of each paper – it should be a synthesis of the most important parts and how they relate. Some things you might look at are
o How the research questions compare
o What the motivations of the researchers were
o What type of research they conducted
o Anything else of interest

• Provide a personal account of your own thoughts about motivation. Do you feel that there are occasions in which a lack of motivation has interfered with you learning things or achieving goals? Which of your motivations for your own studies are internal and which are external? Do you feel that you are well motivated for your own studies? Has your attitude towards your own motivations been affected in anyway by the analysis you have made in the literature review? Include anything else which you find relevant.

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