Project Management

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Project Management Best Practices: Proposal Recommendation

Note: A work-in-process outline of your Portfolio Project is due this week.

Having committed to the Portfolio Project option one, continue to work on and expand the outline for your proposal recommendation project.

Incorporate into your high-level Portfolio Project proposal recommendation outline the key element bullet items related to the project monitoring, controlling, and risk management. Continue to conduct scholarly research on project management concepts and factors that relate to the topics covered in the first five modules, and consider how you are going to apply those concepts to your proposal recommendation. Add citation references supporting your key element items to the Portfolio Project reference list.

Include a title page, an introduction, and an outline including items related to:

Project Selection
Prioritizing Projects
Project Organization
Program Management
Planning and Scheduling
Estimating Cost
Monitoring and Controlling
Communication, Metrics, and Project Updates
Risk Management
Develop a reference page that includes at least three references.

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