Project management fundamentals

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The assignment is to be prepared in the following format:
Report style (no covering letter required)
Font should be commonly used one such as Times New Roman, 10-12 point.
The assignment should be roughly about 4000 words with about 20% variation.
Use appropriate citations with an appropriate list of references in Harvard AGPS6 style (see USQ library website for details) (minimum expectation is 10 references)
Assignment is to be submitted as a single file (attached to this mark sheet).

In this assignment you are required to perform two key tasks:
You are required to develop a complete project management plan for the project case you select. You should chose a project you worked with or you have experience with.

Task 1:
Discuss the project background.
Through research establish the key components of a project plan.

Task 2:

The project plan should be comprehensive and should at least include the following:
Develop feasibility analysis for the project. Consider economic and technical feasibility and discuss how the feasibility was checked.
Develop scope planning using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Your work packages should contain information on time duration, dependencies and costs for various work packages.
Develop a project schedule.
Using Microsoft Project (or using other suitable software / drawing tool) generate the Network Diagram; determine the project completion time and the Critical Path; identify the Earliest and Latest Start and Finish Times for each activity.
Using Microsoft Project (or using other suitable software / drawing tool) develop a Gantt chart. The Gantt chart should display summary tasks, milestones and relationships.
Develop a cost plan for the project. Discuss the cost estimation techniques used. Draw appropriate cost curves (S curve and normal curve).
Develop a communication plan. Discuss stakeholder identification, communication lines, communication plan (Who, how, what, when), and discuss document control for your project.
Develop a quality management plan. You should discuss how you will ensure the quality in your project,
Develop a risk management plan. You should develop a risk register identifying risks in your project and discuss appropriate response for each risk.

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