Project Milestone 1

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Overview: In this first milestone assignment for the final project, you will begin the process of defining the scenario problem for your selected company (American Airlines). As author and businessman Stephen Covey once said, you must begin with the end in mind. As a corporate economist in this hypothetical situation, you too must understand and define the core problem at hand before beginning any kind of analysis. You will need to employ criticalthinking skills to grasp the crux of the problem. Is it a demand-side issue? Is it a supply-side issue? Or is it a mixture of both, involving production and cost concerns? Only after this consideration will you be able to map out a plan for analysis and offer recommendations for a solution.

You may encounter additional companies\case studies within your ECO 500 Case Study CoursePack. However, please disregard them and ONLY focus on the following: –
American Airlines – Microsoft Corporation – Heinz Corporation

Prompt: To complete the first step of this final project, you will submit a statement that identifies and assesses the context of the problem presented in your selected company’s case study. In this statement, articulate the root cause of this problem and how it impacts company objectives (profitability, sustainability, etc.). Some questions you might consider include the following:
• Why is the profit margin dropping?
• Is the company failing to control costs?
• Are there inefficiencies in production?
• Are prices properly determined?

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