Project Proposal: Monitoring

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a 1,400-word paper on the following:


  • Describe the methods for monitoring solution implementation (Interdisciplinary meeting regarding patient-centered plan of care) using the steps of the model you chose. (MODEL CHOSEN was STETLER MODEL)


  • Describe the methods to be used to evaluate the solution ( SOLUTION: IDT conferences/meetings).

Outcome Measure:

  • Develop or revise an outcome measure that evaluates the extent to which the project objective is achieved. A copy of the measure must be included in the appendix.
  • Describe the ways in which the outcome measure is valid, reliable, sensitive to change, and appropriate for use in this proposed project.

Evaluation Data Collection:

  • Describe the methods for collecting outcome measure data and the rationale for using those methods.
  • Identify resources needed for evaluation.
  • Discuss the feasibility of the evaluation plan.
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