PSY 301

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Choose any group of which you are not a member.
o Possible dimensions from which you may select your group include: race, gender, social class, nationality, sexual identity, (dis)ability, rural versus urban status, religious belief, incarceration/criminal history, occupational status, victim, military status, and so on.
2. Explain why you selected this group.
3. Describestereotypes, prejudice, and/or discrimination directed toward members of this group.
o Use concrete examples to illustrate (e.g., advertisements that depict members of the group in a stereotypical manner, statements you have overheard expressing affective reactions to the group, policies that discriminate in favor or/against the group, etc.). Consider both negative and positive stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
4. Interpretthe experiences of members in this group.
o The goal is to gain a new perspective, so consider spending time immersed in the group. Perhaps you could interview friends, family, or community members, or attend an event hosted by the group. Or, you could present yourself as a member of this group to gauge reactions firsthand. Alternatively, do some online research.
5. Evaluatereactions toward this group in light of concepts covered in the textbook.
o For example, how might social psychological theory and/or concepts explain the origin of prejudice directed toward the group you are studying? What are the influences on members of this group? Utilize scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to support your points to continue developing your academic voice. (Reminder: Be sure to synthesize and paraphrase the information you share from these articles/sources.)

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