Public Relations Theory and Practice

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Fundraising is a core activity for many non-government organisations (NGOs). This is a highly competitive sector and as such, organisations need to break through the clutter to reach intended audiences.

 Select an NGO of your choosing and provide background about who they are, their goal/purpose/mission and overarching problem/opportunity they seek to address.

Please use Siemens Stiftung<> as the NGO of my choice.

 Conduct further research and select one of their specific target publics as your focus. Utilising your understanding of strategy and tactics, propose recommendations as to how your NGO can achieve/advance their goal/mission and communicate effectively with the identified audience.
 The content of your assessment is guided by the template provided and marks awarded as per the marking criteria (below). Ensure you have addressed the criteria to demonstrate your understanding of the complete task.

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