Quality planning in the product life cycle

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For the organisation of your choice, you have been tasked to take charge of the induction programme whereby quality planning in the product life cycle forms a large component of this programme.
You intend to compile a report which can subsequently be used as a guide for the new managers.

You have identified a need to cover the following aspects in the report, referencing the stages of a product/service life cycle and for a product/service of your choice:

1 Evaluation of the various factors to consider when creating a development brief for a new product/service;

2 Examination of the different activities necessary for the various phases of a new product/service development process;

3 Explanation of the quality inputs and outputs required to complete each activity and possible risks if each activity is not successfully completed;

4 Determination of the advantages to the organisation when a cross-functional approach is used; and

5 Evaluation the role of quality tools as an aid to enhance performance at each stage of product/service development.

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