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Write an executive summary of approximately 800 words in which you describe the role of a project leader in creating a WBS. Explain strategies a project leader would use to interpret the project scope statement, conduct relevant research, and develop the WBS.


Questions .- 89 words per questions

1.- An example of a time when you worked as a team member on a project and the PM did a good job of recognizing your efforts and the team’s efforts? How about an example of when the PM did not do a good job of this. What did you take away from both experiences?


2.- What are some strategies that can be put into place, or tools in your tool belt, that might help with being able to get team members, stakeholders, etc. excited again and continue along the path that has been laid out?


3.- Provide an example of a time when to established a collective vision by utilizing the collective intelligence of all individuals involved.


4-What process should we follow to integrate the input of a collective vision?


5.-How to identify Crucial Stakeholders and Key Players

6.- Best practices to Develop a WBS

7.-Benefits of creating a WBS in a project

8.-Importance of the scope definition

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