Reading Questions

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Using the following journal article the following 3 questions need to be answered.
Beishuizen, J. (2008). Does a community of learners foster self-regulated learning?, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 17, 3, 183- 193

Question1: Explain the ‘argument’ or ‘reasoning’ or ‘justification’ of the author/s for their choice of sociocultural pedagogy reported in the paper
Question 2: Identify the specific aspects of sociocultural theory that are employed in this pedagogy e.g. community of practice, situated learning, learner collaboration, scaffolding etc.
Question 3: You must also engage with the following question posed for this task: EDCN 811: Was this practice effective in addressing the pedagogical aims? Please identify (briefly) the effective sociocultural practices. If it was NOT effective… what seemed to be the reason for the failure of the practice?

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