Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

Purpose: To be aware of sources of information and to understand issues of middle childhood

Directions: There is an abundance of information on parenting and issues concerning childhood�but is all the information right? Can you trust what you read and see? In your lab section, you discussed a New York Times article by Amy Chua (�Why Chinese Mothers are Superior� Wall Street Journal, In it, Chua describes her method of parenting and explains why it is superior for children�s outcomes. Your lab section discussed its merits and (hopefully) used research to shed light on her claims. This is similar to what you will be doing in your reflection paper. This reflection paper requires you to critique and correct a blog post (or other popular literature source) regarding an issue of middle childhood.

First, find a blog post (or other popular literature source) on an issue of middle childhood. You may want to start by searching for an issue (for example, parenting a fifth-grader, bullying, when to allow kids to start wearing make-up, talking to children about sex, reducing childhood obesity, free-range parenting, recess) on a search engine. Second, choose an article that is geared toward a lay audience and makes claims about child development or parenting practices. Third, reflect on how the blog fits with the scholarly information you�ve learned about in class and in your textbook.

In your 3 full-page reflection paper, briefly summarize the post and its claims, thoughtfully critique the post, and correct the claims using scholarly sources. To critique the post, pay attention to the source and the content. Regarding the source: What site is hosting the article? (For example, the Wall Street Journal published Amy Chua�s editorial). Who is writing it? What background does he or she have? How did he or she come to know the information presented? Are his or her sources credible? Regarding the content: Is the information presented consistent with research? Is the information generalizable to all families with middle-childhood-aged children, or specific to a particular population? Is the information comprehensive, or is it missing key factors? Identify the information that is consistent with the scholarly literature, and use your textbook to elaborate on that information. Identify the information presented that is not consistent with research, and use your textbook to correct the information. Finally, address other factors or information that needs to be included in the post that would make it more helpful to children and/or their families.

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