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Instructions. Your final exam consists of two end?of?term essays: ESSAY #1 And ESSAY #2. It is the intention of the professor that one essay fulfill the requirements of a mid?term exam and one the requirements of a final exam. Students have permission to submit both essays at the end of the course if they wish to do so. Your professor will grade the essays whenever she receives them prior to the deadline. The instructions are the same for both essays. For each of the two essays you will select a topic from the list given here and construct your essays following the instructions and recommendations below. If you are taking the course for H?credit see NOTE below).

GRADING MATTERS The better and best essays will include thoughtful reflections on and even some references to (through comparisons or analogy) information learned in the course (Khan Academy essays and podcasts; videos, etc.) as well as several sources you might find online. They will showcase images keyed directly to important points of discussion in the essay. Average and poorer essays will ignore the information learned in the course and glean data from one online source, such as Wikipedia. Poorer essays use irrelevant images or images as decoration instead of images that enhance instruction for the reader.

Warning: Essays that incorporate works of art that are not western (i.e. Asian or African) or works that are NOT of the medieval period under study in the course will receive no points.

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