Research And Literature Review

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In Assessment 5, you will design an ethically appropriate research proposal plan for a psychological research study. Before beginning Assessment 2, review Assessment 5. Consider the parameters for Assessment 5, and choose a topic that would you like to research in Assessment 2 and the remaining assessments in this course.

Write a literature review in the form of a 6–8 page paper in which you discuss the following:

A research question and methodology needed to address it: Begin your paper by clearly identifying both the research question and hypothesis that your proposal will address as well as the research methodology you plan to (hypothetically) use. If your plan is for qualitative work, research questions are sufficient. Please operationalize the variables and provide a brief explanation as to the method of research that will be employed and a brief rationale for your choice.
The research question’s relevance: Include a description of why this topic is important to research in the context of current literature on the topic. Provide scholarly information that supports your view.
Theories underscoring the area of research: Describe the specific psychological theory or theories related to the chosen topic that are best suited to form the foundation for the proposed research. Be sure to identify how this theory pertains to the proposed research.

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