Research assignment on corporate communication

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Using an Australian listed company of your choice, select a recent financial reporting

information post on social media. Discuss the impact of your selected post on the company s

financial statements. This section of your assignment must include a screen shot or pdf of

the social media financial reporting information that you have selected for your assignment,

including the time, date and company name.

  1. Critically review your selected Australian listed company s manager s motives for providing

your chosen financial reporting information via social media. Your answer should include an

assessment of whether Financial intermediaries including Analysts are likely to use this

information or not.

  1. Critically discuss the arguments for and against communication of financial reporting

information via social media.

You should use appropriate headings to organise your assignment, provide references to applicable corporate

legislation (including specific paragraphs), accounting standards (including specific paragraphs), citing

relevant academic and practitioner articles.

Your assignment must be typed using 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and 2 cm margins on all sides, with a

maximum length of 1,500 words, (excluding social media post used, in-text references and bibliography).

State the word count at the beginning of the assignment. All material over 1,500 words will be disregarded.

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