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Students are required to write a 2500 word critical research essay.
Option A
Select two (2) countries from column A. Select one (1) topic from column B.
The objective of this exercise is to compare different country patterns on the same topic.
Option B
Select one (1) organization from column C. Select two (2) countries from Column A. Select one (1) topic from Colum B
The objective of this exercise is to compare how one MNC approaches one topic in two different country contexts.
Option C
Select one (1) topic from column B. Select two (2) organizations from column C
The objective of this exercise is to compare how different MNC approach one particular topic.
Brazil Recruitment Apple
Cambodia Selection Volvo
Canada Varieties of capitalism BHP Billiton
China MNC and HRM transfer Wal-Mart
Denmark Reward and Remuneration Price Waterhouse Coopers
France Knowledge Management Nike
Germany Trade Unions San Miguel Corporation
Greece Performance Management Sony
India Women in Management Your choice
Indonesia Training & Development
Ireland Flexible work practices and work-life balance
Italy Migrant workers
Japan Worker Voice
South Korea Employment Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
Malaysia Dispute Resolution Systems
Mexico Youth unemployment and policies
Netherlands Labour Laws
New Zealand Wages and working hours
Norway Expat management
Saudi Arabia Ethics and corporate social responsibility
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Formal 2500 word academic essay (NOT A REPORT), with a minimum of 10 scholarly references.
1.5 spaced, 1 inch margin, left, right, top and bottom.Insert page numbers at the bottom of each page.
Use Harvard style referencing. A list of references should be provided at the end of the essay which includes all the sources cited in the body of the essay. The reference list is not counted in the word count (but the in-text citations are).

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