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Research Proposal Assignment
This assignment begins the framework for your coursework in NURSING. The written paper will address the following criteria on your chosen research topic. The Grading Rubric for Graduate Written Assignments will be used for grading. An introduction and conclusion are required. Please do not provide an abstract. This paper should not exceed 5 double spaced pages (excluding title page and references). This paper should follow APA 6th ed. format.
Criteria Details
Introduction This section should include a paragraph, 4-5 sentences, introducing the contents of the chapter.
Background of the Problem Explain problem and supporting evidence; what is known about the problem in healthcare?
Significance of the Problem Why does this problem need addressing in healthcare?
PICOT clinical question State the PICOT using appropriately Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time.
Define each of the variables outlined in your PICOT statement.
State the PICOT as a question.
Framework/Theory Identify and apply a framework or theory pertinent to the identified clinical problem and explain how you will implement this theory in you project.
Definition of Terms An introductory sentence should be used to begin this section.
Terms directly related to your research should be defined.
Definitions should include citations when appropriate.
Conclusion The conclusion should be a minimum of one paragraph and include an insightful discussion of the key elements of the paper.

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