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Task 1: Critical self-audit of pedagogical practices (500 words). Self- review of the attainment of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Level) to identify possible professional learning needs to improve practice. ***(I have chosen STANDARD 1: 1.6 Strategies to support full participation of students with disability)*** Task 2: Literature review (1000 words). A critical review of at least six empirical research articles selected from academic peer reviewed journals. The articles MUST have THREE or more common indexed key terms. Synthesize the findings of these articles into an essay that lead to a justifiable and significant research question. Due date: 25/4/17 Task 3: Research Proposal (4000 words). A detailed research proposal to be developed as a prelude to the final report at the end of the coming practicum block, as applicable. The proposal should incorporate: problem statement based on self-audit and available student assessment data; focused literature review; statement of aims/research questions; research design identifying the ethics, methodology, data sources, assessment strategies, data analysis procedures and timelines. Include references used in the proposal and attach at least one major data gathering tool in the appendices.

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