Research Proposal

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

For this assignment you must have proper APA headings for each section below:
Abstract with keywords: this is no more than 150 words and describes very generally the whole paper. Please include 5 relevant keywords.
Introduction: Provide a paragraph or two opening up the paper and describing the problem
Problem Statement/Literature Review: Spend 1-2 pages discussing the population and the problem you are researching. Do not simply copy and paste what you already did but rather expand on it. I will be looking for five APA citations after 2008 in this section supporting your work
Research Questions: Spend half a page presenting your finalized research questions and hypotheses.
Methods: Really work to refine your method and approach. Expand on what you did in assignment two and reflect back on what we have learned all semester. Again this is not a copy and paste but rather a refinement and elaboration. I am looking for 2 full pages here.
Data Collection: Discuss the selection of data collection approach and also the instruments/technique you used. Provide justification for your choices. Discuss cultural appropriateness, validity, and reliability of instruments. Include the final protocols and instruments you selected in an appendix. This will be about 1.5-2 pages
Data Analysis: Spend one page considering the kind of data you are collecting and how you would analyze it. I am not looking for a lot of complexity here so really just try your best. How will you present your findings? Charts? Graphs? Word counts? Video snippets or quotes? Have fun here and think about different learning styles relative to research.
Data Impact, Next Steps and Application: Spend one page discussing the impact and application of this project. Discuss explicitly micro, mezzo and macro implications as well as any social justice implications. Where are the barriers to advocating for your population? Are there ethical conflicts? What is the role of social work? What is the role of the consumer? What are the next steps to really target and change the problem you identified?

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