Research proposal in Midwifery Post graduate level 7

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You are required to write a 3000 word research proposal as if you were intending to carry out a piece of midwifery research. You will need to identify an area of practice you find interesting, formulate a relevant research question and devise a study designed to answer this. Your proposal should contain the following sections

Title of the project

Introduction and rationale

This section provides the context for your study. It should include a summary of the existing literature in the area including the key texts and theories. You should then identify a gap in current knowledge and demonstrate how your proposed research will address this. This section should also explain who will benefit from the findings of your research.

Research question

You should identify the key question(s) your research will address.


Use this section to describe how you would carry out the research. You should consider

Sample – how many participants will you require? How will you recruit them?
Data collection – how will you collect the data, e.g. interviews, questionnaires, video-recording? If your study includes a questionnaire or interviews, you should include draft questions.
Data analysis – what techniques will you use to analyse the data? PLEASE IT WILL BE PREFERABLE NOT TO USE A SOFTWARE
What is the rationale for the data collection and analysis techniques you have chosen?

Would you anticipate any problems with carrying out the research and how would you overcome these?

You should also use this section to discuss any ethical issues involved in the study


How would you let people know about the findings of your research?

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