Research Task on the History of punishment in Australia

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Research Task on the History of punishment in Australia:
You have been employed as an assistant researcher and curator at the Police and Justice Museum. As one of your first tasks, you have been asked to design a small display at the on the history of punishment in Australia. Your brief is to identify 2 key moments of change in that history, and then design a strategy about how you are going to illustrate these moments of change to people attending the museum.

The suggested way that you should do this is by choosing an individual or event that illustrates your two key moments in the history of punishment in Australia, and then finding visual or material sources that you might use to represent or evoke their stories.

The assignment should take the following format:

– A 500-word summary for the Police and Justice Museum staff, outlining the two key moments in the history of Australian punishment that you intend to focus on in your display, and explaining why they are significant. You should use footnotes to scholarly secondary sources here to demonstrate your credibility. “””At a bare minimum, you should consult Mark Finnane’s Punishment in Australian Society and Sean O’Toole’s A History of Australian Corrections.”””

– 500 words apiece on the individuals/event that you will use to illustrate your selected moments of change. Explain the story of the individual/event in a style that could be used in an exhibition catalogue or caption, and indicate what this story tells us about the history of punishment in Australia. Also indicate what sources you will use to represent or illustrate each of these 2 stories, and add references to any other primary and secondary sources you have used in your research. At a bare minimum, you will need two primary and one secondary source relating to each of your selections.

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