Review the American Idol Case on Page 780.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The research question is, “What still needs to be


known about the viewers and voters for contestants of the popular TV show American Idol?”


Given that the marketing research problem is to determine who the viewers actually are and their


motivations for voting for American Idol contestants.


Write a 3 to 5 Page paper (1000 to 1500 words) in APA format to answer the following question:


What is the demographic profile of the American Idol audience? . Below is a recommended




  1. Cover Page (See APA Sample paper)


  1. Introduction


  1. A thesis statement


  1. Purpose of paper


  1. Overview of paper


  1. Body


  1. Define the management decision problem confronting Melissa Marcello and Julie


Litzenberger and a corresponding marketing research problem and show the linkages


between the two. Cite source with in-text citations.


  1. Apply the components of the marketing research problem listed on PAGE 61 to suggest


what research can be done. Cite source within-text citations.


  1. Describe key concepts to be used in the marketing research problem approach. Cite
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