Review The William Eggleston Photograph And Hector Mediavilla Photo

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Review the William Eggleston photograph and the Hector Mediavilla photo-essay listed in this Week’s Learning Resources. Consider the following questions regarding the use of color in Eggleston’s Memphis, c. 1969–70 and Mediavilla’s The Congolese Sape: o What types of color are present in Eggleston’s and Mediavilla’s photographs? o How does color contribute to the overall mood of Eggleston’s and Mediavilla’s photographs? o How might the meaning of Eggleston’s and Mediavilla’s photographs change if they had been shot in black and white? With these thoughts in mind: Post an analysis of the way color is used in Eggleston’s and Mediavilla’s photographs. Describe how color relates to the themes addressed in these photographs. Explain how Eggleston and Mediavilla use color to establish a focal point in their photographs. Analyze to what extent color contributes to the sequencing of Mediavilla’s photo-essay. Analyze to what extent color makes Eggleston’s and Mediavilla’s photographs subjective or objective for the reader. Cite at least one example from your course readings to support your analysis. (Approximately 2–3 paragraphs)

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