Road construction

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A3.2 Requirements

You are required to complete the following tasks for this assignment.

1. Update your initial geometric design to consider the typical section you obtain based on your proposed pavement design and drainage in assignment 2. Estimate revised cut and fill volumes if you have not done this in assignment 2. You can either use your own file or the provided template.

2. Estimate the quantities of pavement materials and imported fill (if required). Discuss the suitability and use of site won materials. You can either use Civil 3D or approximate the volume of required material based on length of the road section and width of the carriageway.

3. Discuss (in about 500 words) the important considerations when selecting suppliers for quarry materials (clay fill and crushed rock).

4. Discuss (in about 500 words) the important considerations when constructing the road in winter.

5. Select the type of asphalt or sealing considering winter construction.

6. Propose a construction schedule identifying critical activities, sequence of activities, approximate duration of activities, and machines used. Refer to AGPT08-09.

7. Propose a checklist/flowchart for quality control. You need to consider material conformance with specifications, compaction control and checks/inspections, and possible sources of non-conformity. For examples refer to IDM construction checklist and AGPT08-09.

8. Compile and submit a coherent report as noted in the following section.

In your previous assignments, you might have partially or even completely addressed some of the above requirements. You are entitled to use your previous works for this assignment.

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