Science and Compliance

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Pick a hazard in occupational health and saftey, then give information on it, some questions are provided below to include in the paper. The topic of the paper will be the “science and compliance” regarding a
hazard in occupational health and safety. The information to be presented should include, but
not be limited to: the industries and occupations relevant to the issue, the potential health effects
related to the issue, the regulatory requirements related to the issue, mitigation strategies for
related hazards, and methods for communicating safe work practices regarding the issue. You will need a minimum of 6 references, 3 from peer reviewed
journals and 3 from governmental agency reports (e.g. OSHA or NIOSH).

The most straightforward approach is to choose a chemical (e.g. benzene), or physical hazard (e.g. ladder falls), or other hazard we have discussed in the course and report on all the issues required in the project description.

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