Silk Road – Persia Historiography Project

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Present and defend your thesis (articulated in the introductory paragraph) based on the major trends or schools of historical interpretation that are pertinent to your research topic. (See Module 2, Module Notes for review information about how to develop a thesis from research questions.)
Present detailed evidence from your secondary sources. This evidence must include properly identified and properly cited quotations and/or paraphrases of your secondary sources.
Support your argument by analyzing the development of your topic in terms of its historiography, either chronologically or thematically (by historiographic school), so that your paper traces changes and explains differences in interpretation.
Provide proper citations for sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Your references must be precise; they must refer to the specific sections and pages of works that you use to support the interpretations that you make in your paper.
Use APA or Chicago Style citations and references.

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