SOCI – Marriage and Family

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) Consider: Most people agree that marriages and families underwent major changes during the last 50+ years. However few people tend to link these changes to larger societal changes.
a) Answer the following questions:
i) Identify 2-3 major societal changes occurring in the last 50+ years that you feel have affected marriages and families.
ii) Briefly discuss your feelings on how one of these societal changes has affected current marriages and families.
iii) Include a brief example of how this change affected your family and/or familes like yours.

2) Go to the U.S. Census Bureau website,
a) Find a statistic(s)or data related to marriages and families that interests you.
i) Briefly summarize the data (in your own words).
ii) Provide a proper citation for the statistic(s) or data (so I can find it).
iii) What do you think is interesting about the data?

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