Social work / Indigenous Australians and the Human Services

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements


Respond to the following dot point criteria: (Ensure your responses are supported with the relevant and appropriate evidence). These must thoroughly showcase your knowledge of the course content.


? Ability to communicate with Indigenous Australian families and communities


? Ability to engage respectfully with the Indigenous Australian community


? Ability to understand and have knowledge of Indigenous Australian communities? family and kinship systems


? Ability to provide effective and sensitive advice to Indigenous Australian community members

? Ability to work within a team in a culturally accountable way


? General awareness of issues confronting Indigenous Australian families and communities


? Knowledge of the history of Indigenous Australians and the impact of past welfare practices.



Respond to the following Comprehension Questions: (Ensure your responses are supported with the relevant and appropriate evidence)

Comprehension – Applying Terms & Concepts:

In your own words, please summarise/define the following terms/concepts:


  1. a) Ethnocentricity


  1. b) Racial Prejudice


  1. c) Racial Discrimination
  1. d) Institutional Racism


(This section approx 200 words)

Exploring Power, Whiteness and White Privilege

The concept of Whiteness has been introduced to you in order to identify and establish a position from which dominant cultures view the Racisms and can contribute more specifically to Institutional Racism.

For your responses in this section, it will be helpful to make reference to the Required Readings including:


Also draw upon your reflections of Workshop content and activities


1) In your own words, please write up a Definition Statement of Whiteness and White Privilege, as you have come to understand it:


(This section approx 100 words)


2) Provide examples of how White Privilege is applied, and can become evident, in some everyday contexts and environments in Australia? Use critical analysis here:


For example, in:

  1. a) Your Workplace or Personal Relationships


  1. b) Policies & Practices


  1. c) Community Attitudes


(This section approx 100 words)

3) Write a Reflective Statement surrounding your exploration of Racism, Whiteness, Power and related concepts. (Try using the following dot points to help frame your response):


? Was Whiteness and White Privilege easy to define in your own context and in the context of the profession?

If not, why?


? How did these concepts and the discussion challenge your thinking?


Examine and discuss any clarity, and/or discomfort you may have experienced with the concepts and literature


? What conclusions you have drawn at this point in your learning?

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