Spiritual Teacher Reflection Paper

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Select a spiritual teacher from the list posted below. Please answer the following questions to complete this assignment and submit to Blackboard “Spiritual Teachers”in the “spiritual practice” tab. This reflection paper is due by Thursday, August 3rd and offers 35 possible points.Papers must be posted to Blackboard to receive credit. Reflection paper length is 2 pages double spaced. Please include references/ citations and use the following subheadings to indicate your answers to each question.
Spiritual teacher: Name
Spiritual teacher: biographic information
Main points
Personal insights

1. Identify a spiritual teacher (from the list in course documents) that offers wisdom for your life.
2. Give basic biographic information of this spiritual teacher.
3. What are the main points of their teaching?
4. How do these points offer specific wisdom for your life? How is this teaching visible in your life?


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