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The overall goal of the Session Long Project is to examine health care delivery in the United States. In Module 1 we studied the economic realities that may ultimately impact the healthcare industry. However despite the impending bursting of the bubble, we must still implement Obamacare. One of the important aspects of the new law is the connecting the evaluation standard of quality to reimbursement. This is a departure for our industry and might have a significant impact on how we do business. Many experts argue that quality of care is subjective but is ultimately based upon those providing the care. This will be the topic of Module 2′s SLP. Please read the article by Zallman, Ma, Xiao, and Lasser entitled ″Quality of US Primary Care Delivered by Resident and Staff Physicians″ and respond to the following questions. Briefly summarize the issue being addressed as found in the ″Background section.″ Identify and discuss the five categories of quality indicators. Discuss what the researchers found when they analyzed the ″Performance on Quality Indicators.″ Where you surprised by their findings? Why are there differences in the quality of outpatient care provided by resident and staff physicians? What are some possible strategies an organization can implement to remedy this problem?

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