State the attributes of a bureaucracy and discuss how a criminal organization may find it necessary to adopt some or all of those attributes.

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  1. How is terrorism different from organized crime? Provide examples to support your answer.
  2.   Explain how globalization has affected organized crime.
  3.    In what ways have transnational criminal organizations taken advantage of our increasingly interconnected world to expand their illicit enterprises?
  4.    What is the role of a broker in organized crime?
  5.  Discuss the success of the Irish in politics in America during the mid-to-late-nineteenth century.
  6.    Discuss the impact of Prohibition on organized crime.
  7.    In what ways did the Robber Barons serve as role models for, and create a climate conducive to, the growth of organized crime?
  8. In what way did Murder. Inc. symbolize cooperation between criminal organizations?
  9.    Discuss the pioneering role of the “Robber Barons” in American criminal history.

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