Step 3 & 4 of Final Project

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Plan and Compile: Read Chapter 6 and 7 of the Wright and Jaffe (2014) text. Some items to consider when putting together your presentation after reading the material include the following: Review and compile your research from last week and synthesize/organize it, Extract from materials and integrate any data that you find that boosts your needs and argument pertaining to your child advocacy issue. Also, determine where power is held, identify and discuss your audience and the gatekeepers. How will you impress your gatekeeper with your presentation?

2. Read through the Communication Tools in Box 6.5 in Chapter 6 for ideas on how to hypothetically present your materials. Br creative when determining how you will present your proposal! Regardless of the format used to present, this component of your final project should be between 2310 and 2400 words. Select one of the following presentation methods, or paper, PowerPoint presentation, social media, blog, *video, etc.).

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