Strategic Alliances and Human Resource Management

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In this assignment, you will read several peer-reviewed articles.
• First, read three peer-reviewed articles related to the South Korean economy, chaebols, and culture.
• Then, search for at least one peer-reviewed article related to the strategic alliances.
• Next, read at least one article on human resource strategies for Multinational Corporations (MNCs).
• In addition, read a few articles related to the local and global operations of LGE.
Then, respond to the following:
1. Explain the organization and purpose of chaebols.
2. Identify the positive and negative characteristics of chaebols for both local and global economy. Also, explain the role they play in the South Korean economy.
3. Identify the characteristics of LGE’s human resources strategy.
4. Identify how this HR strategy is helping the company to deal with the diversity.
5. LGE has established a number of strategic alliances with partners from all over the world. Select one of these alliances and analyze and evaluate its outcome.

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