Sussex Daili 1500 change and leadership

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715N1 – Change and Leadership
Mode: Report
Word Count: 1500
Your report will involve a critical explanation of different ‘leadership styles and approaches’ that explain how change can be managed in an organisation. The discussion should mention, but not be limited to, the following points:
1. An organisation from the private, public or voluntary sector, explaining reasons how and why the organisation has changed.
2. The role of leadership within the organisation (e.g. choose one or two styles and approaches of leadership), and;
3. Who/what was affected by change and how this was managed.
Students should identify relevant theories of leadership and discuss their strengths and weaknesses relating to organisational change. Specific attention should be given to the role and style of leadership required for the success of organisational change. For example, was leadership effective? If so, how and why?
The suggested reading for the module can act as a starting point for the report, but you are required to conduct additional research using ‘a wide range of sources’. Please carefully review the Library’s business and management resources for journal articles, databases and other published information.

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