Teaching project

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Course Project/paper

This project is a teaching module which includes the key elements of the course, utilizing the textbook, appropriate journals, etc. This paper should be at least 4 pages in length, not including title and reference pages. The paper should include at least 4 references.

One of the components of the project includes two objectives, these objectives must be submitted for the instructor review before completing the project to ensure that objectives are correct. Learning outcomes need to include the learning domain (cognitive, psychomotor or affective) of each outcome as well as which level within the domain each one represents

Project Teaching Plan/Module

Construct a teaching plan for one class period or short module that includes the following:

o identity of the specific level of student,
o name of the course, and specific topic,
o the learning theory upon which it is based,
o the teaching strategy utilized,
o at least two measurable objectives (learning outcomes)
o anticipatory set: a “hook” to catch students’ attention, a quiz, or pre-reading assignment prior to class,
o expected activity/participation by students,
o closure at the end of the class period to “wrap up”, summarize and assess student understanding

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