Test Construction Exercise

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The purpose of the test construction exercise is to ensure that students are familiar with the fundamental concepts behind psychological assessment as applied to a case example. This requires critical thinking and an ability apply knowledge of psychological assessment in an applied way.



The assessment question is as follows:


You are a Clinical Psychologist working at Bradfield Doctor s Surgery. One of the General Practitioners at the Surgery has referred a client to you. Her name is Sandra Dent. Sandra is a 43 year-old hairdresser who runs her own salon. Her business is not doing well. She has started working longer hours so she can reduce the hours of her assistant to cut costs. She reports that she is increasingly anxious about going to work and concerned her business will fail. Sandra reports that she has lost interest in his usual hobbies and simply wants her business to succeed. Sandra says she is also worried about how her husband and children are putting up with her distress. Critically discuss how you go about formally assessing Sandra? What information would you attempt to collect? What are the advantages and limitations of your approach?

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