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Identify the region of E2F4 by using the bioinformatics tools then generate a report

Your mission is to make one antibody that recognises all the E2F proteins, E2F1, E2F2, E2F3, E2F4, E2F5 and E2F6. You are provided with a frozen sample of cDNA of E2F4 to work with in the laboratory. Before you do so, however, you need to work out which region of this protein will be used as an antigen.


The accession numbers for these proteins are as follows:


Number Protein Accession Number
1 E2F1 Q01094
2 E2F2 Q14209
3 E2F3 O00716
4 E2F4 Q16254
5 E2F5 Q15329
6 E2F6 O75461



The first step in making an antibody is to make a recombinant antigen. This means that you should choose a region of E2F4 DNA that can be cloned into a bacterial vector and then expressd in E. coli. The recombinant E2F4 can then be purified by a variety of methods and injected into a mouse for antibody production. (Hint: Looking up antibody production methods and cloning will help you understand the requirements of this case study).


Use all the bioinformatics tools that you know of to identify the region of E2F4 that will be used for the antibody production. You will then generate a report (No more than 3-pages, excluding references).

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