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Please respond to the following:
Research a quote about language and thought.
• For example, a quote by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, believed that thought without language was impossible: “The limits of my language are the limits of my life.”
• Next, examine whether or not it is possible to think without using language.
• Argue for or against the ways a person might enact “languageless” thinking.
• If you believe it is not possible, describe the major problems with languageless thinking.


Message expanded.Message read1What are your barriers? 100 words
Our readings this week help us explore barriers that get in the way of thinking critically. According to our text, stress is one major barrier to our growth as critical thinkers. What are some tips to maintain your ability to think clearly during stressful times? Talk about your own experience. What other barriers to critical thinking get in your way?

DISCUSSION 2 100 words
Are you asking the right questions?
• Chapter 5 gives us a number of questions to ask when we are trying to determine clarity and accuracy of different messages we are receiving. Have you ever asked these questions of yourself when thinking about the news or asked them of another person in a discussion? Which question or questions do you think you might try using in the future? (Paul & Elder, 2012).
• DISCUSSION 3 100 words
• Where do you get your news
• What are your sources of news about national and world affairs? Do you generally trust these sources? Why or why not? (Paul & Elder, 2012).
• How can you determine if information is credible? How can this be applied in your life?

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