value proposition and commercialization project brief

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment 2 Requirements
• Syndicate Groups of 5 (to be setup on Blackboard)
• Choose one of the 6 technology topics on the following slide
• Prepare a value proposition and commercialisation project brief with the following
key information (report subsections – rubrics)
1. Executive Summary (background, enticement… why should a prospective investor read on… where is it
on the S-curve… what breakthrough is required to get to market?)
2. Objectives and Expected Outcomes (e.g. what aspect of the technology will be demonstrated?)
3. Strategy & Scope (how to go from proto to production, budget +resources)
4. Milestones, Deliverables and Timing (basic Gantt Chart… who will do what and when)
5. Value Proposition and Business Case Summary (estimate investment, market potential and breakeven)

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