Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Prepare a three to five (3-5) minute analysis of a speech according to the following instructions:
A. This was completed for Discussion Board in Week 7: Topic approval: Select one speech and listen to the audio recording or read the printed transcript of the speech.
B. This is your Assignment for this week: Evaluate the speech based on the following criteria:
1. What was the thesis, or central idea, of the speech?
2. What response was desired?
3. Did the speaker appeal to the needs, attitudes, and cultural values of the audience? Was the speech well organized?
4. What kind of introduction and conclusion did the speaker use?
5. What kind of supporting materials did the speaker use? How did he or she adapt this evidence to the audience?
6. Did language choices help the speaker reach the audience with his or her message? How?
7. Were there any audio-visuals used? Why were they effective or not?

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