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14-17 You are given the following data for variables y and x:
y 140 120 80 100 130 90 110 120 130 130 100
x 5 3 2 4 5 4 4 5 6 5 4

a. Develop a scatter plot for these data and describe what, if any, relationship exists.
b. (1) Compute the correlation coefficient. (2) Test to determine whether the correlation is significant at the significance level of 0.05. Conduct this hypotheses test using the p-value approach. (3) Compute the regression equation based on these sample data and interpret the regression coefficients.
c. Test the significance of the overall regression model using a significance level equal to 0.05.
14-59 The Farmington City Council recently commissioned a study of park users in their community. Data were collected on the age of the person surveyed and the amount of hours he or she spent in the part in the past month. The data collected were as follows:

Time in Park Age Time in Park Age
7.2 16 4.4 48
3.5 15 8.8 18
6.6 28 4.9 24
5.4 16 5.1 33
1.5 29 1.0 56
2.3 38
a. Draw a scatter plot for these data and discuss what, if any, relationship appears to be present between the two variables.
b. Compute the correlation coefficient between age and the amount of time spent in the park. Provide an explanation to the Farmington City Council of what the correlation measures.
c. Test to determine whether the amount of time spent in the park decreases with increases in the age of the park user. Use a significance level of 0.10. Use a P-value approach to conduct this hypotheses test.

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