What is equality? Is the removal of gendered inequalities in Australia a plausible aspiration?

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The aim of this task is for you to draw together your understanding of the politics of sex and gender, and your ability to identify and apply relevant key concepts, to complete a piece of research and extended analysis is the form of an essay (2000 words).
You must use at least 6 scholarly sources (books and/or articles from peer reviewed journals).
Assessment Requirements

• Argument and structure: the essay has a clearly developed and logically sequenced argument; it answers the question.
• Ability to identify and utilise relevant concepts.
• Use of scholarly sources: at least six scholarly sources are well integrated into the argument and correctly referenced using the APA system.
• Quality of written expression: at minimum the essay satisfies the level 2/3 literacy standards as detailed in this Learning Guide

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