What was the political situation in Egypt when Qutb returned?

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Why did Sayyid Qutb leave Egypt and travel to the US? Whatimpact did Qutb’s trip to the US have on him?What were Qutb’s criticisms of the US?What was the political situation in Egypt when Qutb returned?Who were the Muslim Brothers and what did they share with Qutb? Whywas Qutb imprisoned?Why did Qutb’s writings say and why were they so dangerous to the governments of Arab nations in the 1950’s and 60’s?Chapter 2Ayman al-Zawahiri; Islamic Group; Al-Jihad; Sharia; Camp David Accords; Sheik Omar Abdul RahmanWhat impact did Qutb’s writings and teachings have on Ayman al-Zawahiri? Why?What impact did the 1967 war between Egypt and Israel have on Zawahiri and other young Arabs? Whowas the primary target of the new Egyptian Nationalists? Why?What was Sadat’s relationship with the Muslim Brothers when he became President of Egypt? Did this change?How did Zawahiri get involved in Afghanistan?How did his view of the conflict differ from that of other volunteers?How did the events of 1979 shape Zawahiri’s ideology?Who was responsible for Sadat’s assassination? How did this event impact Egypt? How did it impact al-Jihad? Howdid prison transform Zawahiri and other Islamists? Why?Chapter 3Mohammed bin Laden; King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud; Wahhabis; Aramco; Kaaba; Grand Mosque; Jamal KhalifaWhat was Saudi Arabia like when Mohammed bin Laden arrived from Yemen?What impact did the discovery of oil have on Saudi Arabia?How did Mohammed bin Laden become wealthy?How did the Saudi Royal family become indebted to Mohammed bin Laden?What was Osama bin Laden’s childhood like?What religious and political awakening did Osama bin Laden have when he was fourteen? Whydid Osama begin practicing polygamy?Chapter 4Prince Turki; Foreign Liason Bureau; Mahdi; Abdullah AzzamWhy did Prince Turki come to the US, and why did he return to Saudi Arabia?How and why did Saudi society change in the years after Turki returned in 1973?What happened to King Faisal in 1975?Why was the Grand Mosque assaulted on the morning of Nov, 20, 1979?How did Turki bring about an end to the takeover of the Grand Mosque?What impact did the takeover of the Grand Mosque have on Saudi Arabia? Howdid bin Laden react to the Society invasion of Afghanistan?Chapter 5ISI; Services Bureau; Tora Bora; Lion’s Den; Abu Hajer al-IraqiWhat did Turki believe the USSR was after with their invasion of Afghanistan?What was Turki’s role in the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan?

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