WK3 – 512 – DQs

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1. Barr & McClellan give an example of Alpha University’s formula budget. For this question, you will select an institution of your choice (that offers undergraduate & graduate programs) to create an expanded formula budget.
Go to the institution’s webpage and find the numbers for the items listed below. Then in your answer please review your findings which should include the approximate revenue generated. .
Begin by reading an article featured in the Quad-City Times almost a year ago summarizing some of the financial issues. Then read the MARKETPLACE’s update from this summer.
Please find another article describing what has happened between July 2016 and present. Summarize, in your words, what has happened to the state of Illinois and how it has affected the institutions. What new information does your article highlight? What makes this situation difficult to solve and prevent in the future? How can other states/institutions be proactive to avoid situations such as this?
3. Please take 90 minutes to watch the 2014 documentary, Ivory Tower produced by TakePart. The documentary can be rented/purchased at http://www.takepart.com/ivorytower
In your response, please address the following topics: What were your thoughts on the cost of higher education before watching compared to after? According to the documentary, what should be the responsibilities of an institution compared to what is currently being provided? How do institutions stop the ‘rat race’ of having the biggest, best, and newest? How can institutions pay for the services that students/parents demand but not increase revenues? Overall thoughts on the price/cost of an education.

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