WK7 – 512 – DQs

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In the case that there is a budget/revenue surplus, it is important to have a plan on how to distribute those funds because the decision will be highly scrutinized.

Barr & McClellan offer a few strategies for allocating additional resources but what other areas/people/programs would you see as a beneficial recipient to funding? Please offer 2-3 ideas with a description of why you selected it/them and what effects would the additional funds have? (1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)
2. Throughout the text, Barr & McClellan make mention of the role grants play in an institutional budget. In this chapter they caution budget managers to have a plan for when grant funding concludes. We’re going to back track a little and read more about working with a grant in an article features in the Fall 2014 Grant Professional Association publication.
Please read the article and discuss below some of the things you learned and questions you have about grants. For some institutions, grants will be composed of millions (closing in on billions) in funding each year, for others, it will only amount to a few thousand dollars. It is important to know how grants can impact your current institution.
(1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)

3. Chapter 7 discusses the impact a natural disaster can have on an institution, specifically in how it relates to the budget. Please find an academic article discussing the financial crisis a natural disaster has caused on a college campus in the last decade.
Summarize your article and give insight as to how the institution covered some of the immediate costs, what outside funding/resources were available, and how have they recovered?

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